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RSL get first win of 2015 against Toronto

A slow match steadily gained speed and was action packed in the final minutes.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

In a match where both teams were missing some significant pieces, the first half played out as if there was not enough talent on the field even though both sides have the right players in place and RSL has been deep for years. There was not much flow to the game for the first 30 minutes or so with Toronto FC controlling the better part of the possession. Not to many teams have been able to do that when visiting at Rio Tinto Stadium.

Olmes Garcia had a few shots, some better than others, but none found the back of the net. Sebastian Jaime nearly opened his MLS account but was called offsides. Finally in the 38th minute in a scramble for the ball, Javier Morales took control and found Luke Mulholland making a darting run and Mulholland headed it home cleanly.

The second half saw more chances for both teams and Jeff Attinella came up big on a few occasions to keep the lead for his team. Toronto had a goal off of a corner unfairly called off in the view of many, RSL's offense never really took off until the latter part of the game when Garcia had a one on one opportunity with the keeper that he couldn't put away to the disappointment of many.

A minute later Toronto made a goal to tie and a minute after that Jordan Allen, a kid that missed the vast majority of the 2014 season to injury, made the winning goal with a nice snap-down header off of Javier Morales' foot.