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Why Jordan Allen's first RSL goal was so amazing

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Allen's first Real Salt Lake goal came in his second season — but only 58 minutes into his Real Salt Lake career.

After suffering an injury last year that prompted a surgery that kept him out for an entire year, Jordan Allen didn't just get back on the horse in 2015: He came back even stronger, and he's got his first MLS goal to show for it. A simple header from a beautifully headed cross, the technique behind the goal isn't what made it important.

It was more than just a game-winning goal that Allen scored against Toronto FC, but it certainly was that. It was more than just a good implementation of the game's basics, but it was that, too. It was a fantastic goal from an emotional level, with one of the players that looked set for a strong rookie season getting chances once again.

"As soon as you see Javi (Morales) on the ball in an area like that, you have to expect the ball to come to you," he said in the post-match press conference. "He has the type of quality where he'll put it just like he did to me - right to my head - and give you an easy job to finish it. I had to make sure I was aware and expecting the ball to come through."

The best part about all this? He's humble. He told MLS Soccer about how the goal came through weeks of working on finishing after normal training finishes, and that he's more than aware that hard work will have to continue.

Not even 20, Allen earns the praise of his colleagues, too. Javier Morales on the hybrid player: "It's pretty important. He's been working; he's a good kid. Coming from an injury, he was a little bit sad, but now everything changed. I'm happy for him because he works hard and he does everything well."

Jordan Allen's first goal, Real Salt Lake's first win of 2015: Let's hope this is a trend that continues.