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Monarchs to West Valley City? Club holding press release with mayor today

Real Salt Lake and Real Monarchs owner Dell Loy Hansen is set to unveil new plans for the Monarchs stadium, and he's doing it in West Valley City alongside the city's mayor and manager.

That would indicate that not only is something in a more advanced state, but that a site is either close or decided upon. Presumably it's in West Valley City.

West Valley City, which as you'd expect is on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley (from about 2100 South to 4700 South and 1100 West to 7200 West, roughly), has a number of potential sites and current developments. It's hard to say where the Monarchs stadium ends up there, if it does. Public transportation does stretch into West Valley, but it doesn't go beyond the center of the city.

After the Real Monarchs stadium plan at the Utah State Fairpark fell through, it's nice to see this one happening in short order. That press conference is at 1:45 p.m., but if this snow keeps up, good luck getting there.