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Hansen signs letter of intent, negotiating with Real Monarchs, West Valley City

via Real Monarchs

Dell Loy Hansen and Real Salt Lake have signed a letter of intent to negotiate to build an 8,000 seat stadium for Real Monarchs in West Valley City, according to a club-issued press release.

The letter of intent provides an exclusive 60-day negotiation window, which seems like a reasonably clear sign that the stadium will end up there.

Despite moving from the proposed fair park site, The vision for the stadium remains the same. It would host a women's soccer club, lacrosse and rugby, recreational leagues, and concerts.

The release didn't specify a location for the new stadium. Zarkos told reporters at a press conference announcing the move that the sites are under wraps at current.

In the press release, RSL owner Dell Loy Hansen talked about West Valley City as "an extraordinary city."

"West Valley City's mantra of 'UNITY. PRIDE. PROGRESS.' perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this partnership between our soccer group, our stadium development folks and the City's view of how a stadium creates energy, growth, jobs and momentum for the area," Hansen said in the press release. "This is an extraordinary city with diverse business interests. We've always been impressed by their ability to bring private sector investment to their community. Their level of commitment is impressive, and their unique ability to embrace public/private partnerships is attractive."

The project is slated to start in spring, with the goal remaining a late-summer or early-fall 2016 kickoff at the new stadium.