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Three things that could improve RSL's chance creation in the 4-3-3

Real Salt Lake's experienced growing pains in developing the 4-3-3, and we're looking at ways we can improve our chance creation.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Of course, as we think about these things, let's keep in mind that five goals from three games isn't so bad — and maybe there's room to improve, but there have also been some good things happening.

Get forwards in goalscoring and shooting positions more frequently

Sebastian Jaime simply hasn't been getting into positions where shooting was the most natural thing, and that has to change. Olmes Garcia takes plenty of shots, and his 50 percent accuracy isn't bad by any means. But his shot quality — harder to measure certainly — is low, and goalkeepers aren't left scrambling to make a desperate save. Alvaro Saborio is probably closer to his normal self, and Devon Sandoval simply hasn't been shooting (at all, that is — he hasn't registered a shot.)

We're only three games in, and it takes time for forwards to round into form. But if those players can improve their shooting, their goalscoring should follow.

Improve midfield creativity

Luis Gil and Luke Mulholland, with one of the two players normally alongside Javier Morales and Kyle Beckerman, haven't been creating chances. Between the two of them, they have no key passes (a pass leading directly to a shot.) Now, part of that's because our forwards aren't always in great goalscoring positions, but it's one of those chicken and egg things. (No, not an omelet.) We can't improve our forwards' scoring rates without better midfielder creativity.

Exercise some patience in possession, but don't be afraid to try new things

If we are struggling to create from the midfield, maybe we should try a new shape for the three-man midfield or the forward line — but maybe we should also be looking for ways to incrementally improve our current approach, too. There's not an easy way to decide what approach to take. The players who are struggling are young or new to the team, and the players who are excelling tend to be more experienced. That seems pretty natural, and it's something we can understand and work with.