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How RSL's players stack up with new free agency rule

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

With MLS giving players a very limited form of free agency with the latest collective bargaining agreement, the terms of which were agreed upon on Wednesday evening, only two Real Salt Lake players would qualify.

The reported terms of free agency require that a player have both eight years of experience in the league and are at least 28 years old. Nick Rimando and Kyle Beckerman are the two players that meet that mark now, with Javier Morales gaining free agency at the end of the season, presumably.

The details of the CBA have still yet to be confirmed.

We've compiled this list of years-to-free-agency players for your perusal.

Player Name Years to FA
Jordan Allen 9
Jeff Attinella 6
Kyle Beckerman -4
Tony Beltran 1
Lalo Fernandez 6
Olmes Garcia 6
Luis Gil 7
Justen Glad 10
Sebastian Jaime 7
Phanuel Kavita 8
Abdoulie Mansally 2
Aaron Maund 5
Javier Morales 0
Luke Mulholland 7
Boyd Okwuonu 8
Jamison Olave 1
Wellington Paeckart 8
Demar Phillips 8
Joao Plata 5
Nick Rimando -7
Álvaro Saborío 3
Devon Sandoval 6
Chris Schuler 3
John Stertzer 6
Elias Vasquez 8