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Real Monarchs show off new uniforms, local signing

Jake Simons

Real Monarchs unveiled the first signings and uniforms for the club tonight at Rio Tinto Stadium.

Club president Rob Zarkos thanked fans for their excitement and support of the new franchise as he introduced what would essentially be a fashion show for new merchandise. He commented on the new stadium and mentioned that they should have an announcement about the exact location very shortly.

After the brief showing off of the new merchandise for Monarchs, the team was finally introduced as it stands today.

It includes several players from the RSL-AZ academy (Coco Navarro, Eti Tavares, and Ricardo Velasco) as well as some former RSL trialists (Emery Welshman, Lucas Baldin, and Alec Sundry).

The roster is filled out with Riley McGovern and Victor Rodriguez, who are both former teammates of Devon Sandoval at New Mexico and Leon Brown (Notre Dame) and Darian Copeland (Alabama - Birmingham) There were also some international players announced: Marvin Baumgartner from Switzerland and El Salvador, and Lennon Celestiano from Brazil.

When the last player was announced and the team stood in front of everyone, together as a team they unveiled the home and away kits that will be worn by the club. Monarchs will wear Adidas kits very similar to the new RSL white jersey that was announced this week: red with blue shoulders at home and white with red shoulders on the road.

The highlight of the night was the signing of Garrett Losee, who was selected in the open tryout held here in Salt Lake. Born in Provo, Losee faced RSL in the Desert Diamond Cup, where he was playing with FC Tucson. After the player announcements, he was brought out, and together with Rob Zarkos, they signed the contract in front of all in attendance.

The roster is, in large part, what we expected. Young talent from the academy with some more experienced collegiate and USL players to provide some stability.

We're still a little unclear how the CBA will play into interchange of players from the RSL roster to the Monarchs and vice versa but we're sure all that will be figured out shortly.