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Player of the Month, March 2015: Javier Morales continues to impress, Mulholland shows good form

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Larsen says

Luke Mulholland is the player that many assumed would take one of the starting midfield spots in the diamond in 2015. Instead Mulholland found himself sitting on the bench behind Luis Gil. He replaced Gill in the 70th minute vs Philadelphia in the dying minutes of the match scored the game tying goal. He admitted it probably shouldn't have been a penalty, but his efforts got a result. His goal vs Toronto was a thing of beauty. Morales sent it to a spot, and Mulholland tracked it down unmarked, and headed it into the back of the net. Of all the RSL players this season, Luke Mulholland is showing Jeff Cassar he needs to be on the field and not on the bench.

Matt Montgomery says

It's all about Javier Morales for me. He's ageless. Timeless. Fantastic. He's hit great pass after great pass. Honestly, it's not really fair — he's been so consistent over the last two years that it's hard not to give him the award sometimes. You know, on days that aren't the start of a new month. Still, he deserves it now, and he will probably deserve it again.

Randal Serr says

Javier Morales. Can it be anyone else? Not only did he open up RSL's scoring account with a quality free kick, he leads MLS this far with three assists having played a game less than pretty much everyone else. He didn't just notch your run-of-the-mill assists. They were the kind of assists that very few players could see and pull off, one of which was a game-winner.

Weston Jenson says

Javier Morales is without doubt the player of the month.  Recording three assists and adding a goal in the first month of the season, Morales has come out swinging.  Morales remains the Gold Standard number ten in the league.  The 35 year old Argentine midfielder has shown that he is still indispensable for the club.  That is why Morales has to be called March's Player of the Month.

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