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Five players most likely to see a red card in RSL-SKC battle

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas City have had their fair share of red cards through the years in matches against each other, and while we hope both sides remain at full-strength on Saturday, we know there's no guarantee that will happen.

With that in mind, we've made some bold predictions about who may or may not see a red card in this match. You know, if it happened for some reason and all. With three red cards since 2011, and arguably plenty more deserved, don't be surprised if we see one.

5. Kyle Beckerman

Remember how we used to think Kyle Beckerman would get his annual red card and get on with his season? Well, he hasn't had one for a while (2012) but he does get a few yellow cards every year.

4. Paulo Nagamura

Maybe it's his tactical role or maybe it's something else, but Nagamura does commit fouls more than most players, and he did get five yellow cards last season. He's also had two red cards in his MLS career (since 2005), which is certainly a good reason to make baseless predictions.

3. Matt Besler

He's already been sent off once this year, which is all it takes to go up this list. Now, sure, some people (and maybe I'm one of them) don't think it was justified, but hey — let's not get in the way of a good narrative here.

2. Abdoulie Mansally

Despite having only two red cards in his career (and he's been in the league since 2007) and having had a maximum of five yellow cards in a season (that was in 2009), Mansally is still the popular RSL red card pick. Which really makes me wonder if everybody's wrong, or if I'm just looking at the facts incorrectly.

1. Roger Espinoza

The hard-tackling midfielder was responsible for a 2011 preseason red card and probably sparked a brawl, and he was sent off later that year against RSL, too. He's been at the center of some nasty stuff.

Honorable mention: Aurelien Collin

Yeah, he's not in Kansas City anymore, but do you think that will help protect him from a red card in this match? He spent so long as the 'almost-sent-off' player that it's hard to imagine he can't be that player again.