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Three things to watch against Sporting Kansas City

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake takes on newly Western Conference-ized Sporting Kansas City tonight, and we're picking out some things to watch in what will inevitably be an exciting, dramatic match.

1. Where will the goals come?

Real Salt Lake's goalscoring has come from a variety of places, but most notably, it's been Javier Morales scoring at an incredible clip that has kept the team moving in a positive direction. While we're ultimately confident in his ability to continue scoring from free kicks, but at some point, we'll come up against a side that's a bit smarter at it.

Interestingly, of our forwards, only Alvaro Saborio has a goal (unless you count Jordan Allen in that list), with both Olmes Garcia and Sebastian Jaime yet to find a goal.

2. Does Luis Gil get the start?

We could turn this into a Mulholland-Gil question, but it might be more accurate to call it a "Gil — where?" question. My preference — and I'm probably not alone in this — would be to put him on the right flank, but has Jordan Allen really done enough to deserve being dropped? Would it really count as being dropped?

3. Can Real Salt Lake settle play?

If there's one thing we haven't really been this season, it's calm — against a high-pressure side like Sporting KC, is that something we can develop, or are we destined to be playing a frenzied, scurrying game? Is that where we're best off? And against a high-pressure team, can we capitalize on counterattacking opportunities?