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Player Ratings: Real Monarchs 0 - 1 Colorado Switchbacks

Flat scores for a flat showing on home turf.

Lalo Fernandez - 6 A really good night for the Real Salt Lake loanee. Despite conceding a goal - of which he could not have really done anything - he really made no mistakes.

Jordan Murrell - 6.5 The left back had a good defensive showing. As such, Murrell was the only defender that was not caught off-guard in the Colorado Switchbacks counter-attack.

Phanuel Kavita - 6 A quiet night for Kavita - which is not a bad thing in his case. Not really called into making significant plays, the former Clemson Tiger did all he small things right.

Justen Glad - 4.5 So it was not Glad's night. Not only did Glad fall behind a counter-play after celebrating a no-goal, but also did not properly apply pressure through the match. That being said, the youngster had some moments of brilliance as well.

Boyd Okwuonu - 6 The Claret-and-Cobalt' s 2015 draft pick has shown he obsessed the skills to be a starting right-back - for the USL side at least. Okwuonu made some good runs and had some good dribbles.

Lennon Celestino - 6 Celestino had a decent night with a few shots before a crunching tackle that forced him off he pitch.

Fito Ovalle - 7 Once again, Bofo demonstrated masterful distribution. Acting as both a defensive midfielder and a deep-laying playmaker, Ovalle showed his class for the 55 minutes he played.

Lucas Baldin - 7 The Bulls alum looked sharp directing offensive traffic. Baldin has obviously been given the keys the Real Monarchs offensive and it is clear why.

Garrett Losee - 6.5 Nearly scored the opening goal for the Monarchs on his return to his hometown if it as not for the offsides flag. Losee would tally a few more shots on goal but was unable to get passed the Switchbacks' netminder.

Ricardo Velazco - 5.5 Drew a foul in great possession the 82nd minute and delivered a masterful free-kick into the box. The forward, however, was not able to create many scoring chances so his performance ranking was docked accordingly.

Eti Tavares - 5.5 Tavares created some good offensive pressure while he was on the pitch. Still, if the youngster was a bit sharper with his play in he box, the Monarchs could have easily been up one- or two-nothing.


Riley McGovern - 6.5 A name that was mentioned a lot after coming in after the intermission. McGovern was involved in nearly every Monarch second half offensive play and also made some good defensive recoveries.

Alec Sundly - 4.5 Sundly did not make the offensive impact that Juarez would have wanted him to. Unable to really pull apart the Colorado defense, he really needed to push harder.

Leon Brown - 6.5 Now Brown, on the other hand, created several good attacks. While unable to covert, he really pressed the back line of the Switchbacks in the dying minutes of the match.

Coco Navarro - N/A

Emilio Orozco - N/A The new signing made a nice cameo for the Monarchs.