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Community player ratings: Sporting Kansas City 0-0 Real Salt Lake

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

With Real Salt Lake ending Saturday's match against Sporting Kansas City in a 0-0 stalemate, we're curious to hear what you thought of our side.

Who was the best player out there? The worst? Did somebody stick out in your mind for good reasons? And most importantly, is the result an acceptable one? You can't really answer most of those questions in the form below, but you can write them in the comments section, I guess. Instead, we're asking you to quantify your thoughts, divide them up by player, and give us your feedback that way.

If you're curious about last week's community ratings, that table is below. We'll try to sum it up over the season — you know, for curiosity's sake.

Season averages

Player Average Standard Deviation
Nick Rimando 6.70 1.10
Tony Beltran 7.08 0.94
Jamison Olave 6.46 0.91
Chris Schuler 6.61 0.91
Abdoulie Mansally 5.82 1.19
Kyle Beckerman 6.68 0.96
Luke Mulholland 7.12 0.97
Javier Morales 8.83 0.70
Jordan Allen 6.37 1.00
Olmes Garcia 6.38 1.13
Alvaro Saborio 5.73 0.98
Substitute: Luis Gil 6.19 1.10
Substitute: Devon Sandoval 5.68 1.05
Substitute: John Stertzer 5.39 1.04