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Real Monarchs matches will air on KMYU, Salt Lake Tribune reports

Real Monarchs will join a select group of third-division USL teams in having a local television deal, according to a report from Salt Lake Tribune reporter Scott Pierce.

At least one other team, Sacramento Republic FC, has a local television deal in place, but this deal would rival theirs in terms of matches broadcast. The Republic have seven upcoming broadcast-scheduled matches, while Monarchs will reportedly have six live matches and four tape-delayed matches.

While it's not yet certain what matches those will be, the presence of a local television deal speaks to the interest of the greater Salt Lake region in Real Monarchs, as well as the interest of the team in making it a viable part of the organization.

Positive local ratings for Real Salt Lake — included by Pierce in his article, linked above — probably helped prompt this sort of decision, especially considering the matches are airing on a secondary broadcast channel. Despite the wide availability, that does speak positively about the situation in Salt Lake.