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Predict the lineup: RSL v. Vancouver Whitecaps

We know it's the most fun you'll have today, so we'd like to have you answer a fairly simple question for us: Who starts against Vancouver Whitecaps?

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The success rate last time was a stark (and unexpected) 0 percent, so we hope things improve — and that we don't have any surprise changes in the lineup.

Nobody got it right

That's right. None of you managed to get the lineup 100 percent correct. You can blame Chris Schuler's absence for that minor slip-up. Only one person selected Elias Vasquez as a starter.

If Chris Schuler had started, the correct names would look like this. We'll recognize you for being close.

  • @shawnblymiller
  • Hoser
  • Barker801
  • Wasatchman
  • My Doc
  • @chrispales
  • chodilicus
  • dgath

Where you went wrong

A few things might have caused you to miss out on the prestige of getting every player right. They're outlined below.

  • Jordan Allen (47 percent) didn't get the start, with Luis Gil (72 percent) in his place.
  • Demar Phillips (39 percent) didn't start, either.
  • Oh, and neither did Chris Schuler (99 percent). So... about that.