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Who starts in Jaime's stead? Cassar has options in Allen, Gil and Saucedo

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

With Sebastian Jaime suffering a slight fracture in his tibia — one that will see him miss a match or two, but hopefully not more than that — we're taking a look at three players that could replace him in the lineup.

Luis Gil

As the player with the most MLS experience, Gil is probably the most reasonable and safest pick for the position. It would introduce some tactical variety, and it's something we've thought could be useful. Would it work out? It's tough to say, but having an attacking midfielder out wide instead of a forward isn't an outlandish tactical switch. In fact, it could be just the change we need.

Jordan Allen

The popular pick — especially after scoring his first pro goal — Allen could be effective in a right-wing role, and if he started, he'd almost certainly double his minutes played before being subbed off. Could he be the player to take the role? He'd bring pace and skill to the game, but for as much confidence we have in his play, there's also some uncertainty — after all, he hasn't even played 60 minutes yet. That's not a reason to leave him off the team sheet, of course.

Sebastian Saucedo

He's young, he's fast, and he's very, very good on the ball. Could Saucedo see his first start after earning his first MLS minute (and not a minute more)? If Allen presents unknowns, Saucedo presents vast gaps in knowledge. He could be fantastic, but do you start him on potential's sake alone? How do you manage expectations if he has a poor game? A great game? Let's just say I'm glad I'm not the coach.