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Predict the Lineup: Who starts for Real Salt Lake against San Jose Earthquakes?

Who starts for Real Salt Lake this weekend? We want you to tell us.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Do you think you can get the lineup right? Can you tell us who starts? It turns out that some of you can, but maybe it's less than half of you. So come, tell us if you have what it takes.

Team news

  • Demar Phillips might be available, with Cassar saying he's "90 percent." (source: Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Joao Plata remains injured. Sebastian Jaime joins him on that list after a slight fracture to his tibia, but it's not a long-term injury. That opens a starting spot in the lineup — will it be Gil, Allen or Saucedo?

Last time

28 of you got the lineup right, and of those, some of you gave us your names. You get our RSL Soapbox Gold Star of the Game™. Enjoy the honor. Your names are below.

@bradyms07, TripleU, omarsr77, @CWEckels, /u/muchumbo, kaylum, @shnackle, Stephen N, @Chase_eng, @wildephoto451, @mstreuling15, @ecuaman801

As you can see, we've reorganized the list a little bit. Shout if it's harder to read than before, but we're hoping this simplifies it for you.