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Assessing RSL's center back depth without Chris Schuler

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Schuler's post-surgery absence, projected at four to six weeks, doesn't exactly fill us with joy. But while we're concerned, we're not panicking quite yet.

Without Chris Schuler, our options at center back are still not so bad. And without Jamison Olave this coming weekend, our options are passable. Let's dive in without either of those players, because while it's realistic, it's also a nice opportunity to assess our depth.

Aaron Maund: Skepticism about the 24-year-old center back is still widespread, and it's not hard to understand why. He's never been outstanding for us, but he's also not played very much, either. He has nine appearances, and in that time, RSL has lost three of them. Two of those losses were in 2013, one was in 2014.

That shouldn't dispel skepticism that's rooted in other concerns — his playing ability, for one — but it should lend a little bit of sanity to it.

Phanuel Kavita: He's never played an MLS game, but he's a highly considered defensive option. Still, with Real Monarchs using him as the primary center back around which other options are built, their poor record doesn't reflect very highly on him. He's better than their record suggests, but that might induce a bit of skepticism.

Elias Vasquez: This is a case of saving the best for last, because Vasquez has been fantastic in his two first-team appearances. He's already formed a good partnership with Jamison Olave. Now, he'll almost certainly start — but who will he be paired with?

Justen Glad: While he's out for this weekend, young master Glad has been looking very good in Monarchs action. He's played left back and center back already, but will he get first-team minutes this season? This weekend would have been a good opportunity for him to stake a claim, but that's since passed.