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Luis Gil impresses in 90 minutes against Mexico U-23s, Okwuonu gets a 25-minute run out

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Luis Gil played 90 minutes and Boyd Okwuonu got a 25-minute runout in a 3-0 win for the United States U-23s over Mexico, besting the senior team's 2-0 result only a week prior.

Gil was one of the standouts of the match, grabbing an assist on the first goal of the game with a fantastic cross from the side of the box, which an onrushing Mario Rodriguez finished.

While the plaudits inevitably will lean toward Jordan Morris, the Stanford player (and student, it must be noted) who scored a goal in last week's senior match and again in this match, Gil's play in the playmaking position was outstanding. He was at the center of many things the United States did well.

Okwuonu looked to have picked up a knock late in the second half after a fall on a tackle after a bursting run down the right side. After writhing on the ground and grabbing his shoulder but seemingly recovering, he did pick up a yellow card for something — a delay of game, perhaps, as he went to take a throw-in but ended up leaving the ball for another player. Here's hoping all's well there.