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Javier Morales injury opens a door for a Stertzer start on Saturday

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

John Stertzer is an unlucky player on a team with player. He might be the most unlucky, and Real Salt Lake has perennially injured Chris Schuler on the roster.

He's spent more time injured than he has playing, and that's not because he's particularly injury prone in any great way. He's been out with a shoulder separation after a fall, concussions, a broken leg (that he picked up during a friendly!), but he's come back every time looking better.

That, on its own, is a real accomplishment. The sort of fortitude it takes to come back time and time again is not necessarily easy to come by — and that might be putting him in line for a start on Saturday.

With Javier Morales, playmaker-in-chief, injured — and it seems that it'll be something that keeps him out again this weekend — that puts somebody in line for a start in his stead. But Sebastian Jaime is still out, and that leaves room for a player on the right side of the forward line — presumably, that's Luis Gil.

So Luke Mulholland seems likely to step into Morales's position, which leaves RSL needing a player next to Kyle Beckerman. That man? John Stertzer.

Obviously, it's not set in stone. But as a smart player with some defensive chops, Stertzer could be the guy to step in. He can play that more conservative role that Mulholland's been straddled with, but he can also get forward well. Last time he got regular minutes, he started to look very good with his movement.

Stertzer is a guy who has looked good before, and he deserves a chance to look good again. Maybe Saturday is a chance for him to do just that.