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Community player ratings: RSL 0-4 New England

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake was dismal against New England Revolution, but if we separate everything into individual performances, who did how well — and why?

Trying to figure out how to rate each player? Randal Serr, our resident player rater, and I put together some guidelines.

  1. Egregiously bad, did not look like a professional, should never see in a game again
  2. Was involved in every bad moment while playing
  3. Contributed almost exclusively negative qualities
  4. Involved in many bad moments
  5. Didn't have much of an impact at all, did not contribute more positive than negative to the match
  6. Had a positive performance, but didn't make much of a difference
  7. Made a positive difference in the match
  8. Was very positive, involved in a lot of good moments
  9. Was involved in most good things that happened in the match.
  10. Performed as well as you could ever ask a player to perform. Was involved in many positive moments. Outshone every player on both teams. Scored several goals or made several important saves in addition to other positive qualities.

And here are some things to keep in mind while you're rating players.

  • Try to separate your emotional rating from how you think the player performed.
  • Keep in mind what you've rated players in the past. We can't hold you accountable, obviously, but we've found it makes rating players easier for us, too.