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RSL's injury, suspension crisis is over

Real Salt Lake was unable to fill their bench on Saturday in a 4-0 loss against New England Revolution, but that problem will come to a screeching halt this week.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - As important as Nick Rimando is to what we do at Real Salt Lake, his absence wasn't damning. Jeff Attinella put in a show-stopping performance and RSL still lost by four goals. Potential return: Friday, as he did train today and targeted Friday for his return.

Javier Morales - There's no doubt about the fact that Morales, despite his age, is the heartbeat of this team's attack. That was confirmed yet again. Potential return: Unknown, but did train today.

Jamison Olave - It's hard to say if Olave would have made the difference on Saturday, but it's hard to imagine he wouldn't have a distinctive effect. Potential (and inevitable) return: Friday after serving a suspension for a red card.

Sebastian Jaime - Jaime is a good player and it would be nice if he returned — but we'll see what timeframe emerges. He wouldn't have been the difference between success and failure on Saturday, where the game was lost in the midfield. Potential return: As soon as Friday, but has to play through significant pain.

Jordan Allen - Like Jaime, it's hard to see him as the difference between zero and three points, but Allen brings some good qualities and gives RSL an opportunity to return to the diamond. Potential return: Friday after returning from international duty.

Boyd Okwuonu - He'll get a chance to get back into the mix with Real Monarchs, who still have yet to win. His first team debut will probably have to wait a while, so long as Tony Beltran is fit. Potential return: Friday after returning from international duty, but unlikely to be called on.

Sebastian Saucedo - A good, exciting kid, and one that Real Monarchs will probably use on Wednesday. He came back from international duty injured, but that may have been enough to secure him a spot on the bench on Friday, as he served his suspension on Saturday. (I think.) Potential return: Unknown, but did train today.

Justen Glad - Here's another potential Monarchs player for Friday, and Glad will almost certainly start for that team. But where? The team has been improving incrementally, and unless he starts at left back, it's hard to find a distinct spot for him. Defensive midfield, maybe? Potential return: Friday after returning from international duty.

Long term

Joao Plata - We miss this guy more than we know.

Chris Schuler - If Elias Vasquez can get the ground underneath his feet, Schuler won't be missed nearly as much as he would be otherwise — but that's a lot of uncertainty right now, even if Vasquez has had a couple good games.

On long-term loan

Fito Ovalle - He'll need the time with Real Monarchs to get himself up to an MLS level — and he can, no doubt about it.