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Player ratings: Real Salt Lake 1-0 San Jose

Morales keeps padding his stats and stays atop the player ratings for another week.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 5.5 Let's be honest here. Nick Rimando didn't have a whole lot to do against San Jose. I think we all prefer it that way. He made a couple of pretty simple saves and thwarted an attack at the bottom of the box, but the Earthquakes never really seemed like their attack had much purpose or punch.

Abdoulie Mansally - 6 Mansally had a couple of errors that kept us honest, particularly a risky attempt to step-in that failed and gave San Jose one of their few good runs at goal, but he put in a big workload and didn't seem too fatigued even towards the end of the game.

Jamison Olave - 6.5 Olave was unlucky not to score. He had a couple of chances that very well could have gone in on another attempt, but such is soccer. More importantly, his defense was solid overall. He recovered well on a few occasions as is normal for Jamison.

Chris Schuler - 6.5 Schuler got away with a clear handball in the box, even if it was inadvertant. He, like the rest of the back line, let Rimando have long breathers and went to battle with Wondolowski on a few occasions keeping him from having any shots.

Tony Beltran - 7 Tony was fantastic positionally. He did not let the wings have much of anything and put in as much of a full day's work as anyone.

Kyle Beckerman - 6.5 Kyle connected well with the other midfielders in this new formation and is starting to look more at home as the season goes on. And he stepped in a few times to intervene when his teammates were getting pushed around which we all like to see.

Luke Mulholland - 7 Mulholland put in some defensive work that was impressive. His passing was calm and he got his head on the ball quite a few times and has the goose egg to show for it. He proved his mettle in this one.

Javier Morales - 8.5 Every time I think Morales might slow down or have even an average game, he proves me wrong. He had a beauty of a goal off of a deflected free kick and maybe more importantly made two tackles on an Earthquakes breakaway that slowed them down enough to stop what would have been a clear chance. Hands down, Javi was the player of the game.

Olmes Garcia - 7 Garcia did not have too much to show on the offensive end, but neither did any of the other forwards for that matter. What Garcia did extremely well was break up plays. Without any statistics in front of me, I would guess that he dispossessed the Earthquakes more than any other player. He also seemed to have learned from last week and made a nice pass to Sandoval on a counter that was nearly a goal.

Jordan Allen - 6 Allen took a beating but kept getting up and going back at it. He played with a lot of maturity and calmness in his first ever MLS start. He had a couple of half chances that he probably could have done more with, but these are the experiences that will pay off down the road.

Alvaro Saborio - 6 Saborio got a couple of shots off but unfortunately could not keep them on target. He did what Saborio does though which is he held the ball up well and made good passes in tight space.


Devon Sandoval - 5.5 Sandoval did not have a ton of time to do a lot, but he did well with what he had. He was very close to scoring and battled like he always does.

Luis Gil - 6 Gil had a decent shot in the roughly 15 minutes that he saw. He looked creative and confident after his nice showing with the U.S. team.

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