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Community player ratings report: Mansally controversial, Morales anything but

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The inaugural community player ratings are in for Real Salt Lake's 1-0 win over San Jose Earthquakes, and we have to say, we're not really surprised about how it shook out.

You'll see that we've all come pretty close to each other — the only big difference is Nick Rimando's lower rating from Randal; everything else is well within a single standard deviation from the average rating.

The most controversial player was Abdoulie Mansally, whose standard deviation between ratings was the highest on the team. This probably isn't surprising, because we see that regularly.

The most agreed-upon top player was Javier Morales — again, not surprising — with an average rating of 8.81. Nobody even gave Javi a 7. That's pretty substantial.

The best substitute was Luis Gil, whose forward-line performance was impressive in the short time he played.

Rating Stdev Us
Javier Morales 8.81 0.66 8.5
Luke Mulholland 7.10 0.97 7
Tony Beltran 7.05 0.92 7
Nick Rimando 6.68 1.10 5.5
Kyle Beckerman 6.64 0.95 6.5
Chris Schuler 6.59 0.93 6.5
Jamison Olave 6.45 0.90 6.5
Olmes Garcia 6.38 1.14 7
Jordan Allen 6.36 1.02 6
Substitute: Luis Gil 6.17 1.10 6
Abdoulie Mansally 5.80 1.20 6
Alvaro Saborio 5.73 0.98 6
Substitute: Devon Sandoval 5.66 1.05 5.5
Substitute: John Stertzer 5.37 1.03 N/A