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Rio Tinto set to be 73 percent solar powered, best in North American sports

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Rio Tinto Stadium will be 73 percent solar powered by the end of the year if a new plan with Auric Solar completes on time, giving the venue the largest power offset in professional sports in North America.

According to a press release from Rio Tinto Stadium, Auric Solar will be installing a 2,020 kilowatt system on existing stadium structures and as part of new parking initiatives at the stadium.

With a new parking lot set to be constructed on the north side of the stadium, about 95 percent of the solar array will be installed on what the press release calls "solar-covered parking structures."

In addition to providing the largest power offset, the system will be the fourth-largest by wattage in North American sports and will be the largest privately owned solar array in Utah.

In the release, RSL owner Dell Loy Hansen emphasized the improvement for attendees at Rio Tinto Stadium in additional to the positive environmental impact.

"The new solar covered parking structures will improve the quality of parking options for our 15,000+ season ticket holders and provide our state and the surrounding environment with the largest solar energy offset for any U.S. professional sports venue," Hansen said.