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Allen could play against Montreal, while Plata, Jaime are on their way back to fitness

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake might be in a little bit of a bind against Montreal Impact, with their lineup for the last two matches a question mark, but a news drop on a Tuesday afternoon could ease concerns.

I was all ready to start writing about who replaces Jordan Allen in the lineup on Saturday, with RSL taking on Montreal Impact. And I would have done just that, but but then little-old Chris Kamrani (Salt Lake Tribune's RSL beat reporter and a good news source) came along and dropped some knowledge on our noggins.

That sure makes our job easier.

The other best part of this? Kamrani's also told the world that Joao Plata and Sebastian Jaime are inching closer to a return.

So — picture this. Allen departs after Montreal, then we have not one, but two players — or maybe even three — return to contention. It's a little optimistic, but our May 23 match against New York City FC would be a perfect time for those to come back.

Let's just rejoice a little bit in the good news. What would each player coming back mean?

Javier Morales

This is the simplest of the changes, but even that one's going to chance considerations. He's a better pure attacking player, but is that going to work in the formation right now? Hopefully — he's been committed defensively and offensively, and it would probably ease the burden a little bit. He probably won't be back against Montreal, but the process to get him back is underway — the team just has to follow the concussion protocol now. Let's hope it goes well.

Sebastian Jaime

When Jaime returns, he probably won't jump right into a starting spot again. But if he does, where does he play? He's not a midfielder in the way someone like Jordan Allen is, but maybe he could do the job up top rather than as a right winger. Is RSL done with the 4-3-3 for now? That's a big question.

Joao Plata

Take every question we had about Jaime's return and double it with Plata. His return's going to take a little bit longer, obviously, but does he prompt another go-around with the 4-3-3? We should probably talk about this one in more length, but there will be plenty of questions with Plata's return. The big question: How do you keep him out of the lineup once he's fit?