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How to watch BYU Cougars in the US Open Cup

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

So — it's a Wednesday evening, and you're not sure what to watch tonight? Let us present one option: BYU Cougars against Harpo's FC in the US Open Cup.

The stream's below, but first, why should you care? It's a pretty simple case for us.

It's another Utah soccer v. Colorado soccer match

BYU, playing in the USL PDL, is facing Harpo's FC from Boulder, Colorado. If that's not a compelling reason... well, we don't know what to tell you.

It's the US Open Cup, one of the oldest sporting tournaments in the U.S.

That's a pretty good reason, right? It doesn't really matter if you're a BYU supporter or not — where you fall on the BYU-Utah chasm doesn't really make too much of a difference in this one. One is in the US Open Cup and the other doesn't have a team — so you don't have to worry about your loyalties crossing any boundaries.

It's streaming free on YouTube. And it's soccer.

Good enough?