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How to watch Real Salt Lake v. Montreal Impact

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake will be looking to maintain consistency and quality for a third straight game as they take on Montreal Impact. Wondering how to get your eyes on this one? We have the details.

How to watch Real Salt Lake and Montreal Impact

2 p.m. Mountain in Montreal on KMYU (2.2 OTA, 12 satellite, 22 Comcast). Stream live on MLS Live. It'll also be on RDS in Canada, and you can apparently stream there if you have one of a couple Canadian cable providers.

What to watch

The Sandoval-Saborio connection

There's something funny (and by funny, I mean chuckle-inducing but not too much more) about a forward pairing of players with surnames starting with 'Sa'. But in all seriousness, Devon Sandoval (the polarizing figure he sometimes ends up being, although it's largely incidental to him, I suspect) and Alvaro Saborio (previously the most polarizing of figures) have formed a great partnership in the last few matches.

Watch as Saborio takes on different positions than he typically took on. Can he excel in an off-center role with more movement required? It's not that he's never done it, and we saw him looking active and positive recently.

Tony Beltran's role

I've been theorizing in recent weeks that Tony Beltran is playing a more reserved role with Demar Phillips in the side and with play going quite frequently down RSL's left side. I'll be watching for his positioning — where does he end up? Is he closer to Kyle Beckerman than we might have normally expected? How is that affecting RSL's chances?

Being good stewards of the ball

RSL's possession game hasn't been spectacular, but it's still a goal of the side — do we see the team taking that on more? It's not about possession for possession's sake (although I'm a strong believer in that when it's appropriate) but rather about keeping pressure from building against us. Can RSL improve in that respect? Let's see.