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Player ratings: RSL 2:0 New York City FC

The RSL players shared in the victory with everyone doing their part.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 6 A lowish score for Rimando is a bit misleading. It's not that he had a bad game, just a quiet game. Which can be a good thing. He only had to make one save and punch the ball out on a corner once. He came up with the ball a couple times on crosses but that was about it.

Demar Phillips - 6.5 I though Demar had a nice game, one of his better games with the club in fact. He provided some nice service and is starting to look more comfortable all the time.

Elias Vasquez - 6.5 Vasquez did a good job of helping to shut things down on defense. The young player did not look intimidated going up against the likes of David Villa, but it had to have been a surreal moment in his life.

Jamison Olave - 7 Olave made multiple saves and looked as sharp as he has in a while. He did more than his part to earn the shutout and was credited with an assist.

Tony Beltran - 7.5 Beltran's one on one defending was on display against New York. He kept things very quiet on his side of the field.

Kyle Beckerman - 7 Few things I love more than seeing Beckerman put up a physical battle in his defensive mid role. He was battling all night long against New York City FC. He also picked up an assist along the way.

John Stertzer - 7.5 I don't think anyone would have guessed a goal from John Stertzer would get RSL on the board. That finish wasn't easy either. Stertzer played the best game I have ever seen out of him. We are now seeing what the coaching staff has seen for a while. His potential is showing.

Luke Mulholland - 7.5 One of the better games we have seen from Mulholland in a while. His creativity was on point again, he notched an assist, and he very well could have scored.

Luis Gil - 6.5 Gil did very well in possession and put his teammates in good spots all night and looked comfortable doing so. I maintain that he is at his best when he is driving the offense.

Alvaro Saborio - 8 Man of the match. Saborio scored a tough header, but maybe more importantly was that he was unbelievable in his efforts to hold up the ball and in his passing as well as defense. A great all around game from Sabo.

Devon Sandoval - 7.5 Sandoval had another very nice game as a starter. He battled just like Beckerman and held up the ball just like Sabo. The only thing he lacked on the night was his finishing in some decent chances.


Javier Morales - 6.5 Morales came on and immediately started creating. He pulls the strings like nobody else on the team can. As soon as he stepped on the field he had an impact, this after being out a few games due to a concussion.

Kenny Mansally - 6 Mansally came on and took control of the position after Phillips took a knock. He had a good 12 minutes of play.

Joao Plata - N/A (But he's back!)