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How to watch Real Monarchs in USOC third round match against Colorado Springs Switchbacks

So — you're like the rest of us, and you'd like to get your eyes on Real Monarchs' third-round US Open Cup match, and you're hoping for a win.

We're with you on that one. If the team wins, they'll have more wins in the Cup than in USL. That's both exciting and somewhat disappointing, but for now, we should put that out of our heads.

How to watch Real Monarchs v. Colorado Springs Switchbacks

7 p.m. MDT; Rio Tinto Stadium, Sandy, Utah

Stream online - YouTube or below

What to watch for

Continued goalscoring antics from Max Rauhofer

The Uruguayan has been a very good addition to this Monarchs team, and he's been raking in goals left and right. Or, you know, he's scored three in five games. That positive record is partially because he's getting a lot of shots — he's averaging more shots in USL than anybody else — 4.2 per game. Obviously, those are just early numbers, but it's exciting.

Continue striving for an identity

Real Monarchs are still trying to figure out what they're all about — although we think they're a lot closer than when they started a couple months ago — and this match will be a good test. Of course, Colorado Springs Switchbacks are new, too, so that's not something the Monarchs have a monopoly on.

With that in mind, the home side tonight will be working to show everyone what they're about — are they a swashbuckling, fast-attacking team, or are they more methodical?

Stay conservative or push forward?

If Real Monarchs take the lead at any point, how they approach the rest of the game will be telling. Is the goal to stay tight and avoid conceding, or is it to go out and get another? Obviously, that all depends on the state of the game at the time, but it's something to think about.