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Player ratings: LA Galaxy 1-0 RSL

For all they tried, not much went well for Salt Lake and the lows outnumbered the highs.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 6 Rimando came up with a couple of big saves but his distribution was not as good as it usually is.

Abdoulie Mansally - 6.5 Mansally was the brightest player on the field with great effort getting up and down the field. He defended well and tried to get his teammates going but like the rest of his teammates was unable to create too much.

Aaron Maund - 5.5 It looked like Maund was caught in bad positions a few too many times giving the Galaxy some chances that could have punished RSL.

Jamison Olave - 3 Olave made a simple mistake with his arm extended on a tackle early in the box that resulted in a PK which put RSL in a deficit early on. He had some good moments defensively though until he made a boneheaded, emotional mistake in stoppage time to earn a red card for elbowing Robbie Keane in the chops. Not smart.

Tony Beltran - 5 Beltran was not as good in one-on-one defending as usual, although not horrible. He was out of position a few times giving L.A. way too much space at bad times. His service was also lacking.

Kyle Beckerman - 6 Beckerman had a couple of good takes on free kicks but also had a couple shots that he could not get on frame. His defense was good but frustration set in.

Wellington Paeckart - 4.5 Paeckart did not have much of an effect on the game and was largely uninvolved.

Luke Mulholland - 5 Nothing too special out of Mulholland. He was unable to bring the creative energy that he brought against New York City FC and his midfield passing was just not very good.

Luis Gil - 4 Gil struggled to get going for the fifty some odd minutes that he was on the field. His passing was a bit off and he did not take the reigns of the offense like one would hope.

Alvaro Saborio - 6 Sabo worked hard but could not get much going without much quality service coming his way.

Olmes Garcia - 4 Garcia got an opportunity to start and play the full 90 after not seeing many minutes over the past few games. He did not take advantage of the moment with not much to show for his time on the field. He did not make good runs when RSL had the ball and was unable to provide much service of worth.


Javier Morales - 6 Morales tried to inject some offensive push and had some degree of success, but alas, not much was working.

Joao Plata - 6.5 Plata brought a threatening element to the game but his touch was not very sharp which is to be expected after being out for about four months.

Devon Sandoval - 5 Sandoval battled but did not have much of a mark on the game. I'm not sure he even touch the ball.