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Three players who should get a chance against LA Galaxy

RSL faces LA Galaxy with revenge on the cards but more pressing concerns on their mind. The absences of Javier Morales and several others means some players might get chances they wouldn't otherwise against an illustrious opponent. But who?

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With RSL struggling to put together the midfield coherency necessary for success in this system (and, indeed, all possession-oriented systems), giving a start to 2015 newcomer Pecka might be a good way to try to bring a new balance to the side. He's shown some good passing and reliable play during limited minutes, and a start would give him a chance to display some of those same qualities.

Sebastian Saucedo

We've talked about starting Saucedo earlier this week — especially in the absence of Javier Morales — and while our concerns remain the same, he deserves a more sustained chance against LA Galaxy tonight. Whether that comes as a 30-minute appearance or a start and 60 minutes of action, Saucedo's attacking prowess would do RSL well — and it would give the kid a chance to really put it to the test.

Jordan Allen

It's not that young Jordan Allen's lacked chances, but we'd advocate for giving him another one against a strong opponent. After picking up 49 minutes and looking good, he should be in line for more minutes. His preference for drifting around and switching sides with the other winger (or forward) helps to confuse defenses and throws off marking enough to be influential.

Honorable mention: Justen Glad

With RSL's midfield struggles, maybe a more radical approach would be to push Glad into the match. It wouldn't be the sanest of starts, but he's played defensive midfielder before. This would enable Cassar to push Beckerman further forward as a midfield fulcrum that could help bring the defense and the attack into the same phases of play.

But starting Glad would also be a little insane, especially with Pecka an option.