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Salt Lake tie Galaxy 0-0

Chances were there for Salt Lake but goals were not.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

After a lengthy rain delay, RSL returned to the diamond formation again to the surprise of many. In the first 10 to 15 minutes of the match, Salt Lake was called offsides multiple times but looked more tenacious than the past few games. Jordan Allen brought some great energy to the game and had a shot on goal to get RSL warmed up.

Luis Gil and Alvaro Saborio had some good interplay a few times that nearly led to some goals but it was not quite there. Demar Phillips sent a few balls into the box from wide but they were just a bit much for Sabo or Devon Sandoval.

Real Salt Lake was knocking on the door for the better part of the second half. There were very good chances from Luke Mulholland, Devon Sandoval, and Alvaro Saborio and they were the kind of chances that left fans jumping up and down wondering how they didn't go in.

Allen showed very well for himself in one on one play and finding his teammates. RSL continues to show determination to score but luck was not with them.

A late controversial penalty on Demar Phillips led to a fantastic save from Nick Rimando on a take from Juninho, and the match ended knotted at 0.