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Three great things from RSL's 0-0 draw with LA Galaxy

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake looked as good as they have all season in a 0-0 draw with LA Galaxy last night, and while the goalless draw wasn't exactly what we wanted, there are plenty of positives from the match.

3. Shots on target

Real Salt Lake has struggled to get shots away, much less shots on target. Last night saw RSL with six shots on frame, which is a real improvement. There was a marked increase in creativity, and that's even without Javier Morales — whether that's down to a revised formation, an increase in confidence in Luis Gil, improvement from Jordan Allen, or something else altogether is difficult to say. But it was undeniably fantastic to see improvement across the board. No complaints here.

2. Jordan Allen's continued rise

As we watch Jordan Allen week-in, week-out, he's been improving noticeably every match. His improvement has been not just noticeable but delightful, and his confidence is sky-high right now. You can see it in his desire and ability to go past players, beat his man, and create an opportunity for another player or himself. He's just remarkable.

1. That penalty save

You knew this one would be in here. There was no way it couldn't be at the number-one spot, but here's the thing: That's not the first time we've seen Nick Rimando pull off heroics like that. It puts him in rare category — he's only the third MLS goalkeeper to make a stoppage time penalty save to keep a game at 0-0. The others? Tony Meola in 2002 and Steve Clark in 2014.

We could watch this one over and over and over. And we probably will, to be honest.

Honorable mentions: Luis Gil being fantastic, Devon Sandoval's hold-up play, the non-diamond 4-4-2 working very well, and a lot more.