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RSL's formation remains in question while the lineup stays pretty consistent

As Cassar and company continue to experiment with their squad and formation, questions remain for the starting lineup. However, playing their third match in just over a week, the coaching staff could likely switch things up once more in order to give some players a much needed rest.

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RSL Soapbox Predicted Lineup: Season Correct Percentage - 88/99 = 88.8%

(4-3-3) Rimando; Beltran, Olave, Vásquez, Phillips; Mulholland, Beckerman, Gil; Allen, Saborio, Garcia.

Fan Predicted Lineup: Season Correct Percentage - 89/99 = 89.9%

(4-4-2) Rimando; Beltran, Olave, Vásquez, Phillips; Beckerman, Mulholland, Gil, Allen; Sandoval, Saborio.

Predicted Bench and Substitutions: Season Correct Percentage - 17/26 = 66.6%

Attinella, Mansally, Maund, *Stertzer, Pecka, *Sandoval, *Saucedo

* designates predicted substitutes barring injuries or going down a man.

Players to Watch:

Luis Gil:

The young attacker undoubtedly had one of is best matches this year against the LA Galaxy midweek.  Not only did he dictate a majority of the play, he also created some dangerous opportunities that nearly lead to RSL breaking their goalless streak.  Gil has maintained consistency and it could finally lead to a breakthrough for his side.  Gil will be, however, put under a lot of pressure by the Chicago midfield partnership so he will really have to be on his game.  If Gil is able to create that final pass into the feet of the strikers, expect RSL to get their first goal from open play in over 600 minutes.

Luke Mulholland:

Luke has been going through a bit of a rough patch it seems.  His passing was not nearly as crisp the last couple of matches as fans have come to expect.  Mulholland will need to reacquire his form and remain strong defensively in order for RSL to secure the allusive three points they crave.  Matching up with Shaun Maloney and David Accam will be interesting to see how he deals with both their speed and technical abilities.  If Mulholland remains strong in the defense and is able to make smart offensive runs, RSL could finally get the monkey off their back.

Any RSL Striker:

Whether it is Alvaro Saborio, Devon Sandoval, Jordan Allen, or Olmes Garcia, someone needs to take the innovative and score.  While it is always good to see improvement, at least one of these squad members will need their skills and work-ethic to start paying dividends.  Assuring that each of these players have high percentage shot opportunities will be the midfielders and fullbacks' job, the strikers need to make sure they retain high accuracy when it comes to taking their chances.  These players will need to start producing if RSL is to grab any points before Joao Plata returns.

We'd like to know what you think.  Do you think we got the starting lineup right?  Did we overlook players who you think deserve a start?  Did we miss players on the bench?  What do you think Cassar has up his sleeves for this match?  Can RSL get a much needed three points as the visitors?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.RSL's formation remains in question while the lineup stays pretty consistent