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Luis Gil Mexico rumor floated, but without solid backing

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Are Liga MX teams gunning for Real Salt Lake's Luis Gil?

A rumor from Tom Marshall, who works for ESPNFC covering Mexican soccer, indicates that might be the case — and while there's no sourcing or no real information behind it, it's also something that wouldn't be a true surprise.

Luis Gil, for all the disappointment there might be around his 2014 season, is a Real Salt Lake player — at least until the end of the season. But six months isn't a long time for a contract to run, and if there's any chance for a hefty transfer fee, that's surely going to be tempting.

Of course, there would be little reason for a team to splash the cash on a player that's out of contract in six months, which leaves RSL in the driver's seat — the struggle, though, could be in getting Gil to sign a new contract, and with a pay raise almost inevitable with a contract renewal, there might be a little hesitation on the club's side, too.

It's all fluff and nonsense at this point, though — but speculation is always fun, and that's what we always get during the so-called "silly season." Mexico's transfer window opens on June 14 and closes on Sept. 5, which is probably prompting these sorts of rumors.

Luis Gil might go somewhere — or he might not — and what Marshall's offering is of little true value. But while that might be the case, any discussion like that is bound to prompt discussion and speculation, so it's just worth remembering that we haven't seen anything other than his being on "clubs' radar."

If Gil does indeed not re-sign with Real Salt Lake, but the club does make a genuine effort to retain him to a proper contract, they would retain his MLS rights.