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RSL host Portland in USOC on July 1, double-header with Monarchs-Sac Republic

Real Salt Lake will host Portland in the US Open Cup on July 1, giving Rio Tinto its first professional non-international doubleheader.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Since Real Monarchs were announced, people have been waiting for a doubleheader, with Monarchs and Real Salt Lake both playing at Rio Tinto Stadium.

That hope has finally come to life alongside Real Salt Lake's fourth round win in the US Open Cup over Seattle Sounders 2. As a result of that match, RSL will host a round-of-16 match against Portland Timbers on July 1. That match already coincided with a planned Real Monarchs match against Sacramento Republic, which has now been folded into a double-header.

The Real Monarchs match will start at 5 p.m., with the first-team match at 8 p.m.. We at RSL Soapbox would like to advise you to take some sunscreen with you, as it will likely be quite hot in the sun.

That doubleheader is included in Real Salt Lake's season ticket package ("BONUS GAME", according to a press release from the club), and it's unclear whether there will be entry for Real Monarchs season ticket holders under that package. We've sought clarification on that and will update as more becomes available.

Update: RSL Communications have said that Real Monarchs season ticket holders will also have access to the match, and that they're working through the details on those concerns.

It's the first double-header for the two, and one of the first doubleheaders at Rio Tinto Stadium outside of international play since the reserves played a night match after a first-team match in (I believe) 2013.