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Own goal or Olmes goal? You be the judge of RSL's winner over SKC

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Olmes Garica netted his first goal of 2015 — or maybe he didn't — in tonight's win over Sporting KC. We're obviously very excited about that, but some are calling it a Kevin Ellis own goal.

We're going to side with our guy here, obviously enough, but you're probably better as a group. So what do you think? Is that an own goal, or is that an Olmes goal?

Keep in mind that the adjudicating factor here is whether or not the shot was on-target before the deflection. I think it might have been, but you know — I don't actually know. But it seemed close. But whether or not it goes to Garcia, it was his shot that made it, and that's praiseworthy.

And you have to admit — that quick reaction from Kevin Ellis to get his foot there was fantastic. And that looping ball? You couldn't do that again if you tried. Unless, you know, trick shots were your thing.

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