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Sebastian Jaime's first RSL goal came at just the right time

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Sebastian Jaime scored his first goal for Real Salt Lake on Sunday night, and we're pretty sure it won't be his last.

Jaime, who had been waiting to score that first goal since joining the club in August last year, had shown some very positive signs, but he still wasn't scoring goals. That distressed some RSL fans, and it's hard to really get upset about that.

Having been added as a designated player because of the cost of his acquisition, Jaime's lack of goalscoring was only exacerbated by a poor end to 2014's regular season, a rocky start to 2015, and an injury that kept him out for a pretty significant time.

It was an unlucky break for a player that was still trying to find his feet in MLS — he suffered a minor fracture his tibia, and despite what was projected to be a very short layoff (it was a non-load-bearing fracture, so the only concern was the pain), he missed 10 matches. RSL continued to struggle, and skepticism around Jaime mounted.

Jaime's now made his way back to fitness, and RSL coach Jeff Cassar will be hoping his first goal is a harbinger and not just a blip on a crowded radar.

The best part is that he scored a good goal — it wasn't just a routine tap-in or a flukey goal, and it also wasn't a wondergoal he'd never hope to repeat. Instead, it was a solid goal from a good position. The circumstances leading up to the goal will be repeated — that's inevitable — and that's exciting. That's not to say that Jaime's only capable of scoring a single type of goal (far from it), but that we're starting with a solid baseline.

And with Alvaro Saborio set for a Gold Cup absence (and before, as he's absent with a personal issue of some sort), getting another player scoring can't hurt. Combine that with a constantly improving Devon Sandoval and a recovering Joao Plata, and suddenly, the forward depth starts to look pretty favorable.