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What we know about the Saborio situation after striker apparently disciplined by club

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Alvaro Saborio looks to be the subject of disciplinary action from Real Salt Lake after missing Sunday's match against Sporting Kansas City.

According to reports from Costa Rica, Saborio was "drunk and aggressive" on an American Airlines flight after attending Keylor Navas's wedding on Saturday. Navas is a backup goalkeeper at Real Madrid and a fellow Costa Rican international.

The Costa Rican reports state that Saborio had to take another flight not on American Airlines, creating a substantial delay in his arrival back in the United States. Those reports have not been confirmed.

Brian Dunseth, during Monday's broadcast of RSL and American soccer-focused On Frame on ESPN 700, didn't confirm those reports, but he did say that Saborio didn't make it back in time for the match.

It's unclear from the reports whether he missed the match outright or if he simply didn't arrive in time for proper preparation.

Saborio had been slated to start the match, with Devon Sandoval, who took his spot, actually starting on the right-sided forward spot, Dunseth said.

Dunseth went on. His comments have been included in full here for clarity's sake, and you can listen to the show online. His comments about "guidelines set by the coach, the club and ... your profession" give us reason to deduce that Saborio has been subject to club discipline.

That's confirmed by the fact that did not travel to play against New York Red Bulls on Wednesday. He leaves for international duty with Costa Rica on Thursday.

Dunseth's excerpt from On Frame follows.

To be clear, Sabo was given a personal day Friday after practice. The expectation was that he was going to be back in Salt Lake City and everything would be fine for Saturday. That wasn't the case. It's a very fluid situation, as we all have been aware. If you've been following Twitter today at any point, there were reports coming out that place him anywhere other than Salt Lake City.

The issue right now, and as it will continue to be, is what's next — the bottom line, whether it was a personal day or non-personal day, when you're given that opportunity, you have to abide by the guidelines set by the coach, by the club, and most importantly, your profession.

The fact that he didn't make it back to the game in time is what it is, and as of right now, Alvaro Saborio will not be available for the club in New York Wednesday night at New York Red Bulls. He will then, Thursday, immediately leave and join up with Costa Rica. What happens after that is up to the club's discretion.

Again, a very fluid situation, where as more information comes to light and we all understand publicly what happened — that's kind of where we're at.