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Player ratings: NYRB 1:0 RSL

Nick Rimando deserves a lot of credit for helping his club keep its composure.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 7.5 Rimando came up big quite a few times to give RSL a chance even if it was a long shot. He prevented at least a couple goals on his own. More importantly, he led many of the young players and most of the team to preventing a goal after they went down a couple. That is impressive.

Demar Phillips - 5.5 Phillips had two hard tackles against the Red Bulls and paid the price for the latter earning a red card taking away any chance that RSL may have had after Javier Morales already got a red.

Aaron Maund - 6.5 Maund showed well this game as he has over the past few games filling in for those in front of him in the pecking order. The downside is that the first goal conceded in the 4th minute was too easy. Considering RSL went down to 9 guys, he deserves credit for not allowing another goal.

Justen Glad - 6 Outside of a couple errant passes and a couple soft giveaways, Glad deserves plenty of credit as well for keeping New York at bay even after the red cards. This is valuable experience for Glad and he showed a very positive response.

Tony Beltran - 6.5 Tony assumed the role of a leader with Morales leaving the field and Beckerman out due to yellow card accumulation. He did very well in light of the circumstances and put in a lot of work.

Luke Mulholland - 6 Not a very impressive night from Mulholland on the offensive end but he put in as much work as anyone on defense.

John Stertzer - 6.5 Stertzer filled in well for Beckerman understanding that those are some huge shoes to fill. Much like the rest, he put in a tough night's work.

Javier Morales - 4.5 Morales was playing pretty well but was forced to make a tough decision late in the first half to prevent a clear chance. On one hand, you can't blame him. On the other, it put RSL in a nearly impossible position.

Joao Plata - 5.5 Plata was unable to get very involved but he did have one decent shot. He put in a difficult shift until he was subbed off.

Devon Sandoval - 6 That was as hard as I have seen Sandoval work trying to hold up the ball even though he did not have as much luck as he normally does.

Sebastian Jaime - 5 Jaime had a couple of very bad giveaways that gave New York some easy chances but he knew he was struggling and worked hard chasing down the ball a plenty.


Luis Gil - 6 Gil did what he was supposed to do as a sub and without much opportunity to create on offense. He will get a better opportunity on Saturday.

Olmes Garcia - 5.5 Garcia did not have much time to get in any sort of flow and the circumstances did not allow him to do much either, but he helped keep the Red Bulls off the board in the second half.

Jordan Allen - 6.5 Allen made a positive impact on the game and showed again why he should be on the field. Even when there were two more Red Bulls than Salt Lakers, he was able to showcase his skills.