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Chris Schuler set for Real Monarchs run-out in fitness bid

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Schuler's return to soccer will come on Saturday, but it won't be for Real Salt Lake. In a bid to increase his fitness as he works his way back from another long-term injury, he's set to play at least one match for Real Monarchs.

One of the originally proposed benefits for a USL team, as Real Monarchs are, was in bringing players back from injury, but it hasn't been used for that express purpose yet. This is somewhat surprising, with both Joao Plata and Sebastian Jaime coming back from longer layoffs this season.

Schuler underwent meniscus surgery in April after suffering a knee problem, and just over two months later, he's nearly ready for first-team minutes, should his Monarchs appearance go well.

And while the appearance will be a positive for Schuler, it'll likewise be one for Monarchs, who are tasked with playing with only a day's rest between matches. They played on the road on Thursday, and they'll play against on Saturday. Both matches are on the road, with the first in Seattle and the second in Arizona.