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A slow game at home results in scoreless tie against Colorado Rapids

Not too much was happening at Rio Tinto and a tie was the result.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The first half started off with a bang, maybe a snap would be more accurate with Jamison Olave going down in the first few minutes to a mysterious injury and Aaron Maind being brought on. The game went on and we saw Plata, Sabo, and Jaime up top together for their first start of the season together.

There was some good combination play at times with Saborio getting close on some headed shots but couldn't keep them on frame. Jaime and Morales had some nice connections but most of the bright spots led to free kicks in an otherwise quiet half.

The slowness continued into the second half with chances being hard to find. The Rapids' game plan was either working well or RSL's creativity was lacking. The urgency didn't seem to come until the last ten minutes of the game. Joao Plata had a great shot in the 85th that went just wide of the right post.

Devon Sandoval brought some much needed fight to the game which led to another chance or two. A penalty was called in the 88th minute on a desperate play from Aaron Maund but Powers left embarrassed when the ball went wide. The match ended in an almost relieved 0-0.