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Player ratings: RSL 0-0 Colorado

A lack of quality finishing was the thread of the match in RSL's 0-0 draw with Colorado Rapids.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 6.5 Rimando got the shutout and won the psychological battle with Dillon Powers to keep RSL from dropping the full three points.

Abdoulie Mansally - 6 Mansally had some very nice moments but his service into the area was to no one in particular more often than not.

Jamison Olave - N/A

Elias Vasquez - 6 Vasquez had a good game overall but once again had a couple of shaky rookie moments. The communication issues and the decision-making issues will resolve themselves with time.

Tony Beltran - 6.5 Beltran came up with some nice efforting saves at big moments when Colorado very well could have scored. His service into the box, much like Mansally's, was not very good.

Luke Mulholland - 6 Mulholland had more of a defensive night and did well at that. He made a few passes that were very impressive considering the difficulty, but he probably could have done more to finish his great chance.

John Stertzer - 6.5 Stertzer had a nice showing and broke up a lot of plays in the absence of Mr. Beckerman. He is proving himself to be valuable to this team.

Javier Morales - 6 Morales was doing his best to create for the team, but his free kicks were lacking which is wildly out of character for him. He could have won the game in the last second but went wide.

Joao Plata - 6.5 Plata was opening up space and had a couple of chances that he could have put on frame like the rest of his teammates. He is getting back to where he was though.

Alvaro Saborio - 5.5 The finishing simply was not good enough, as with the rest of the season.

Sebastian Jaime - 7.5 Jaime was very bright in the attack and did some amazing things to keep the attack going. If only that goal would come for him.


Aaron Maund - 5 Maund was having a pretty solid showing until he conceded yet another penalty for Real Salt Lake when it looked like the angle was in their favor on the play. No question about it being a penalty.

Olmes Garcia - 5 I was not impressed with Garcia. It's not that he did a horrible job, he just did not bring the spark that he was once known for bringing. How do we get that back?

Devon Sandoval - 6.5 Sandoval brought some fight to the game when RSL needed it. Arguably their best chances of the night came when he was on the field.