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RSL shoot themselves in the foot, lose at Colorado

A chippy game ended in a dramatic loss for RSL.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It was a chippy affair over the course of the first 45 minutes at Dick's Sporting Goods Park with the protagonists being Drew Moor and Olmes Garcia. There were a couple of scary moments for Real Salt Lake nearly conceding a goal or two but Jeff Attinella made an impressive save to keep Colorado off the board. Around the 36th minute Joao Plata had a fantastic chance to score and came within inches of doing so but Clint Irwin was able to get his fingertips on the ball and RSL was unable to finish. The scoreless draw from game one continued to the half in Commerce City.

The chippiness did not ease up and early in the second half Chris Schuler and Kevin Doyle upped the ante with some very physical play and the ref having to give them both a talking to. In the 55th minute Vicente Sanchez did a bicycle that deflected off of Aaron Maund and went off the post. RSL was absorbing a lot of pressure for a good 20 minutes  The stalemate broke int he 79th minute with some gritty hold up play from Joao Plata and a perfectly weighted ball from Javier Morales to find Sebastian Jaime for is fifth goal in five games. In the 81st minute, the Rapids pulled it right back with a goal from Drew Moor. If RSL had much of a chance to take the lead again it was made much more difficult when Sebastian Jaime then got a red card for a hand to the face on Drew Moor.  The Rapids took advantage and got the go ahead goal in stoppage from Watts. In desperation, RSL brought Attinella forward to try to tie which resulted in another goal for the Rapids from Juan Ramirez. That would seal the match and RSL shot themselves in the foot to lose on the road.