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Player ratings: Colorado 3:1 RSL

The first 80 minutes tell a different story than the last 15.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Attinella - 6 Attinella came up big for most of the game until RSL completely lost its focus towards the end of the match.

Boyd Okwuonu - 6 Okwuonu showed pretty well for himself considering this was his first start in MLS. He looked like he belonged even though he got beat a couple of times.

Chris Schuler - 6.5 Schuler made a nice return and showed off some of his footwork that most of us did not know he had in him. There were some miscues in his pairing with Maund, but that is to be expected when they are not used to playing MLS minutes together.

Aaron Maund - 5.5 Maund and Schuler could be a very good partnership, and they were for the vast majority of the match until the train came off the tracks.

Tony Beltran - 6.5 Beltran was the man of the match for the first 80 minutes. He recovered well and thwarted a couple of goals on his own, covering for his teammates.

Luke Mulholland - 5.5 Mulholland, like Schuler, was able to showcase his skills once or twice but did not have a stellar game. He is becoming more comfortable in his new role but it will take time for him to thrive there.

John Stertzer - 5 Stertzer was neither a detriment nor a huge positive for the team but he did put in a lot of defensive work and battled all night.

Javier Morales - 6.5 This was not a up-to-snuff performance from Morales, although he did have a beautifully placed ball to Jaime that resulted in their lone goal. As the leader of the midfield and the driver of the offense, not much good was happening in that area of the field.

Olmes Garcia - 5 Garcia spent a solid amount of time on the ground in a game in which everyone was taking some knocks. He did not make much happen on offense, but then again, the midfield was unable to find the forwards.

Sebastian Jaime - 5 This is the lowest rating ever given to someone who scores a goal on the night. He found the back of the net on what should have been a game-winner that late in the match but then immediately lost his focus and his cool. He lost his mark on the game-tying goal from Colorado then let his emotions get the best of him and got a red card for an open fist hit to the face on his opponent. He had a good game for most of the match, but cancelled out the good very quickly.

Joao Plata - 6 Plata deserves as much if not more credit than anyone on the goal. He held up the ball and fed Morales under pressure. Tough work. He still hasn't found his rhythm but keeps getting very close to scoring.


Jordan Allen - 4.5 Not the sort of impact we are used to from Allen. He came on at a critical time but was unable to control the midfield any better than the next guy.

Luis Gil - 2 I don't know what that was exactly, but it was disappointing. Gil looked like a guy that could not have cared much less about the result of the game. As many have seen in the replay, his commitment level on the go-ahead goal was atrocious. Ball watching at a critical juncture of the game is extremely upsetting. What was most surprising was the indifference in his body language after the goal. I'm not sure what to conclude from all of this.

Devon Sandoval - 6 Sandoval nearly had a goal to tie the game when it looked like all was lost, but it was not to be. He came on and did his job well.