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Alvaro Saborio appreciation thread: Remember his greatest moments at Real Salt Lake

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Alvaro Saborio is gone. Luis Silva is in.

And until we see Silva play for the first time in Claret and Cobalt, we're going to be wondering whether this trade was worth it.

That's fine. We can wonder. But before we really get started with that, let's just take a minute to remember some of Alvaro Saborio's best moments at the club.

Whether you were a fan of his goalscoring, his goalscoring, or, yes, his goalscoring, there are lots of great moments to remember.

I'll get things started. Here's his goal in the 2013 MLS Cup. Despite being the coldest I've probably ever been (I don't do wilderness survival, really — as if that surprises you), this goal took me — and everyone else there — from miserable and anxious to over-the-top excited.

So — join in. What are your favorite Saborio moments, and what will you remember now that he's gone?