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Saborio talks to Costa Rican media about RSL departure, says it wasn't for incident

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Alvaro Saborio spoke to Costa Rican media about his departure from Real Salt Lake, telling La Nacíon that his departure wasn't related to the club discipline he received after missing a match in June.

"My whole career I have been characterized as a professional who works hard for his club, who always shows up, and I want to keep doing that until the end of my career, and I don't think that this is due to what happened a couple of weeks ago."

La Nacion Deportes, translated

This is in line with what Craig Waibel told reporters today about Saborio's departure, saying it was a decision with the long-term in mind and not an emotional decision, which the club had moved past. But with Saborio's contract expiring at the end of the year, a move for a player that could more immediately help the club with its current tactical and strategic problems.

Jake Simons provided translation of Saborio's quote in Spanish.