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Real Salt Lake, MLS salaries released — and Beckerman got a big raise

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

MLS player salaries have been released following the ratification of the collective bargaining agreement, and Real Salt Lake's Kyle Beckerman looks to have been the subject of a big pay day.

Beckerman, who was named a designated player this year, was initially thought to have been just over the limit. That's not the case, with the defensive midfielder and RSL captain making $700,000 in guaranteed compensation.

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The other player to have been given a big boost in salary? Nick Rimando, who is now making $350,000 in base salary.

These sorts of things fall in the "about time" category, given the importance of those two players to the team.

Additionally, Joao Plata's salary is perhaps a bit lower than some had guessed given his new young designated player tag, but that's partly down to acquisition fee — the club paid a substantial sum to consolidate his ownership, which had been spread across multiple parties.

As always, don't look to the salary release as an indication of cap hit. Both Jaime and Plata are designated players, despite having relatively humble earnings. So while it's fun to speculate about RSL's salary cap situation, these numbers should only be seen as a rough sketch and not as a clear indicator.

Salary highlights

  • Kyle Beckerman: $625k base, $700k guaranteed
  • Luis Gil: $240k base, $335k guaranteed
  • Sebastian Jaime: $200k base, $266k guaranteed
  • Javier Morales: $300k base, $300k guaranteed
  • Jamison Olave: $290k base, $300k guaranteed
  • Demar Phillips: $140k base, $150k guaranteed
  • Joao Plata: $150k base, $150k guaranteed
  • Nick Rimando: $350k base, $370k guaranteed
  • Luis Silva: $131k base, $162k guaranteed
  • Elias Vasquez: $110k base, $122k guaranteed