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Three questions with Dynamo Theory

Beasley, Cubo, and similarities between RSL and Houston.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

RSL Soapbox) What impact has DaMarcus Beasley had on the Dynamo and has he been worth the investment?

Dynamo Theory) Defensively Beasley provides a lot of cover for Brad Davis, who has never been known for his defensive prowess, and he also covers well for center backs due to his speed. Beasley was recently named to the MLS All-Star Team and to the US Men's National Team for Gold Cup duty despite his age. His ability to get up and down the left side quickly along with his dangerous runs and ability to connect with midfielders makes him a solid two-way player. He's a top left back in this league which when coupled with his experience and leadership definitely makes him worth the investment.

RSL Soapbox) What is the latest on Cubo Torres and when do you expect him to arrive in Houston?

Dynamo Theory) Cubo arrived in Houston the other day and will travel with the club to Rio Tinto to be available for selection.

RSL Soapbox) Houston and Real Salt Lake have very similar records and point totals thus far. Are the Dynamo where you expected them to be at this point in the season?

Dynamo Theory) I think that many Dynamo fans expected this year to be a sort of "mini-rebuild" year for us and we're about where we should be realistically. I could see us moving up a few more spots and maybe taking the final playoff position down the line, but it's so hard to judge how things will shake out in the Western Conference. The Dynamo at this point need to utilize the players that aren't away on international duty and take advantage of playing on the road against depleted squads - something that we did in our previous match against San Jose.If they can do that and begin to play more consistently at home, they have a realistic chance to make the playoffs. As it stands though, consistency has been our issue and playoff teams are generally consistently good. We're not there yet, but that could change.

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