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Movsisyan set to stay in Russia, agent tells SL Trib

Epsilon/Getty Images

Real Salt Lake's apparent interest in Yura Movsisyan has almost certainly come to its short-term end recently, with the player's agent telling the Salt Lake Tribune that he's set to stay at Spartak Moscow.

Movsisyan had been embroiled in a bit of a row with Spartak's former manager, Swiss-Turkish Murat Yakin, who lasted only a single season at the Russian side before departing.

This news probably doesn't leave Real Salt Lake scrambling — their public interest in Movsisyan didn't move past a point of being "open to options," as we were told on-the-record, and the rumors around Movsisyan focused on him coming to MLS if things didn't work out in Russia.

Clearly, they have. While injuries have apparently made play difficult for him in the last year — his goalscoring rate dropped significantly in the 2014-15 campaign — having the new coach on-board seems to have swayed his interest away from that jog across the Pacific.

However, as with any transfer rumors and potential negotiations, things could change, and they could change rapidly. The transfer window opens on July 8.